Master your Hi-Hat with Ydna Murd

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Ydna Murd - Master your Hi-Hat

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Master your Hi-Hat with Ydna Murd

You can’t really groove on a drum kit, without at least some basic limb independence, this is the nature of our instrument! Ydna Murd, well known German/Canadian drummer, educator and author of the Hi-Hat Master and Breakbeat Guide drum books (YouTube channel Jungleritter), put together four video tutorials presenting some basic, advanced and unique concepts to work on your groove independence. The focus here is on the hi-hat and its countless possibilities to enhance your grooves. Part 1 presents a few basic hi-hat exercises every drummer should know and also introduces you to syncopated hi-hat patterns, one of the keys to make your grooves more interesting. Part 2 shows how you can apply well known sticking patterns on your hi-hat, including how to use the Stick Control drum book for groove exercises. Part 3 deals with dynamic hi-hat independence, something that is often overlooked and Part 4 shows you how to use your left hi-hat foot to groove even harder. Check it out and have fun!