Stanton Moore – Insights into New Orleans Drumming

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In this course we feature one of the most respected drummers and drumming educators of the planet, the amazing Stanton Moore from New Orleans. In five segments Stanton explains and demonstrates the following topics:

  • The Traditional New Orleans Second Line
  • The legendary Cissy Strut beat and were it came from
  • The Cinquillo or RLRR-LRRL Sticking
  • The Johnny Vidacovich Sticking
  • Buzz Rolls

On top of that we recorded two stunning solos with Stanton and a long interview. Last but not least Stanton gives some advice on how to become a professional drummer. We are very proud to be able to feature this world class drummer on our platform. Enjoy these extremly informative lessons ! Also check out the Stanton Moore Drum Academy: