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Welcome to drumtrainer.online – Course tips for advanced drummers

Are you looking for a way to improve your drum playing online? Welcome to drumtrainer.online! We offer online courses for every level and every direction that will really help you.
Over 40 international drummers have recorded more than 80 courses with several 100 videos for you. In these courses you will learn what you need to improve your drumming significantly.

In the following we present three online courses from our program, which are especially designed for advanced drummers. These courses will give you tools that will make your drumming more fluid, versatile and therefore more interesting. Let our trainers inspire you!

In the following we present three online courses from our program, which are especially designed for advanced drummers.

Course Tip Nr. 1: Stanton Moore – Insights into New Orleans Drumming

In this course we feature one of the most respected drummers and drumming educators of the planet, the amazing Stanton Moore from New Orleans. In five segments Stanton explains and demonstrates the following topics:

  • The Traditional New Orleans Second Line
  • The legendary Cissy Strut beat and were it came from
  • The Cinquillo or RLRR-LRRL Sticking
  • The Johnny Vidacovich Sticking
  • Buzz Rolls

On top of that we recorded two stunning solos with Stanton and a long interview. Last but not least Stanton gives some advice on how to become a professional drummer. We are very proud to be able to feature this world class drummer on our platform. Enjoy these extremly informative lessons !

Course Tip Nr. 2: Creating through the Groove with Robert Sput Searight

We are thrilled and proud to present another Grammy winning drummer, the amazing Robert Sput Searight of Snarky Puppy. Sput paid a visit to our Berlin studio and recorded five songs and three tutorials in only two hours, before leaving for the next concert with his current side project Ghostenote. The topics of the tutorials are:

  1. Creating through the Groove
  2. Phrasing
  3. Utilizing your strength

Super interesting stuff by this Groove- and Chops-Monster from Dallas, Texas, widely acknowledged as one of the great drummers of our time. Enjoy!

Course Tip Nr. 3: Hand Endurance Exercises with Thomas Lang

We are super proud to be able to present another course with the incredible Thomas Lang. In these lessons, with his students Flo & Knofi, Thomas is working on endurance building excercises for the hands. In 4 segments Thomas explains different hand techniques and how to develop power, speed and precision at the same time:

  • Warm up Excercises for Single Strokes
  • Powerbuilding & Stamina
  • Unisons & Accents
  • The Stone Killer/ Double Stroke Roll

So grab your pad and play along while you are watching.

How does drumtrainer.online works?

drumtrainer.online works as a abo modell. You pay a membership fee – monthly or yearly – and have access to all offers of our program. We regularly put new material online, so you will always find new lessons.

• over 100 lessons of drum lesson

• regularly new course material

• weekly chat with head coach Dirk

• 1-to-1 lessons live or via Skype possible

• Program for beginners to professionals

• Sheet music as PDFs

• Monthly/yearly cancellable